How Plastira Center is working

The process of entry and exit the parking is really simple and fast and is done by the driver! During the process of entering, drive your car in one of the five specially designed entrances, whichever is free (the bar is open and the green light on) and suits you best!

After aligning your car with the help of the mirrors you proceed until the light marking "OK STOP" turns on, handbrake on, you turn off your engine, put first gear, fold the side mirrors, lower the car radio antenna and leave your car. Please make sure that you take with you any personal things you need until you come back to pick it up. Once you lock your car, go to the specific exit to get your tickets. There you press one of the green buttons, and you get your ticket. The process has completed and you can leave! The automated system having measured the dimensions of your vehicle, will receive it and put it in an empty space in one of our 9 underground stations!

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